Thursday, May 1, 2014

What's my business philosophy?

What inspired me to start a jewelry business anyway? Many years ago I was shopping in one of my favorite stores; and I found a really cute necklace. It consisted of a ribbon and one plastic pearl bead. The retail price was $28! I was shocked and realized " I could make this myself for about $1". ( In addition to the sticker shock, I was also insulted that a Plastic bead was used) You will never find plastic any thing in my jewelry designs. I always use high quality brass components and beautiful glass beads. All my jewelry is brass based. The silver and copper items have a high quality plating. I mostly  Sterling Silver Ear Wires and on occasion  Brass plate Surgical Steel.

So I set out to make a fun, affordable jewelry line. I wanted to make jewelry that customers would really want, and could actually buy; (while allowing me to make a living doing what I love).

 Over the years I have learned many things; new techniques, marketing, getting my supply costs down as far as possible. That last one is very important. Why? The ability to organize and analyze what supplies are needed is key to keeping my jewelry prices down at a reasonable level. I spend alot of time sourcing my supplies. What is sourcing?  It is just a fancy term for spending hours and hours online researching which jewelry supply companies can give me the most quantity for the best price. I also rummage through vintage jewelry component warehouses looking for the coolest items just sitting in a dusty box. As a customer I think you should know that I have taken that time and care to present a well made product and selling it to you at the best cost that I can.

You can Google any of my products and may find very similar products. I have done my research and know that my competitors do not use different techniques than I do and  they may even use the same jewelry suppliers.  Many of those items the average person may not be able to afford. I continue to believe and strive to present fun, lightweight jewelry that everyone can afford!


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