Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thanks for Sticking With Me!

When I first started this jewelry business a few years ago I had lots of ideas of what I wanted to do. Trying to focus my time and energy into what really works has been a hard road.

I made a few pieces took them to my first craft show. I sold almost all of them. I used that money to buy more supplies, made more pieces, did some more craft shows, sold several more pieces. I have continued to run my business this way for a few years. I now have made it a self-sufficient business. I no longer pay out of pocket for craft show fees. I am able to easily buy more supplies, and sell alot more. I have even evolved into a jeweler with more skills(self-taught). I am learning more every day and will continue my education process as I come up with new jewelry lines.

The mention of new jewelry lines brings me to my next topic: New Jewelry Lines. Over the past few months I have gotten my patina process to where I want it to be and I just love it! You will see more patina pieces available for sale in the coming months. I will continue my Botanical and Steampunk lines, but will be phasing out most of the Modern Bohemian and Fun and Funky lines. If you love those lines don't worry; I will be having One-of-A-Kind pieces still available. Sometimes the mood still hits me to do some beading, LOL!

I really want to say thanks to my family, friends, Facebook Fans, and the several wonderful boutiques; like Pinc! Boutique that I work with that have allowed me to grow and and find my muse. I appreciate all of the support and love.

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