Saturday, July 30, 2011

Crab Fire Agate

When it comes to natural stone beads, I view myself as a purist. I do not like enhanced stones; by heating, or dying. I like to use the stone as it was formed with all the natural colors and impurities.

With that said, I am a jewelry designer and am always looking for the next new thing to keep my customers interested.
Introducing Crab Fire Agate
Now this beautiful stone is not to be confused with Fire Agate which is a rare and fairly expensive stone.

Fire Agate
Crab Fire Agate is a glowing rusty orange color with scatte
red veins of gray and white. The veining is created by heating the stone.

Now you may have seen this stone around the web. It has many names based on the way it is dyed; crab fire agate, spiderweb agate, and dragonskin agate. I am sure there are many more names floating around out there. Feel free to add any others you have heard in the comments section.

Dragonskin Agate

This stone is wonderful for jewelry designers because of the many colors it can be dyed. Here are a few examples:

I really have fallen in love with this stone! The possibilities for design are endless. The beads are available in my different shapes also.

I wanted to share some jewelry designs I have made with this versatile Agate.

Copper Leaf Crab Fire Agate
Gunmetal and Copper Double Chain
Crab Fire Agate and Pearl Purple Dyed Crab Fire Agate w Silver Filigree

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