Friday, June 5, 2009

Celebrating June With Pearls

The Pearl is a birthstone for June. Pearls can come in many wonderful shapes, sizes, and colors. They traditionally used for jewelry and clothing adornment, but they more recently have been used in a crushed form; in cosmetics, hair products, medicine, and and paint.

Natural vs. Cultured

Natural pearls are pearls that are formed without human intervention. Cultured pearls are pearls formed by manipulating a oyster to form a pearl.

Natural pearls are 100% calcium carbonate with layers that completely coat an irritant that has invaded the mollusks body. The mollusk then coats the irritant or intruder with with many layers calcium carbonate forming a pearl with no nucleic center.

Cultural pearls have a nucleic center, another words a pre-formed center that the mollusk coats it with nacre which forms a pearl. This artificial center can be seen with an X-ray.

Finding My Own Pearl

About 10 years ago we took our daughter to Disney World and Epcot Center in Florida. While at Epcot Center we stopped at one of those places where you can open your own oyster to try and find a pearl. Not expecting to find much of a pearl since the people around us were getting tiny dots for pearls. I tried my luck. When the oyster opened I was very surprised to find a perfectly round, creamy white pearl! It seemed very large. I estimated it to be about 8mm. When we got back home I had it appraised by a jeweler. I was very happy to learn it was a natural pearl, about 8 1/2 mm, "perfect color", and gave me a price of $40. I couldn't believe my luck. A $40 pearl! I wanted to make some jewelry with it for myself but I can't bring myself to do it, let alone drill it.

New Pearls

During the blog carnival we are blogging about pearls so I decided to debut some of my new pearl jewelry.

Victorian Elegance earrings

These earrings were made with faceted glass pearls and black glass coin beads. The accent beads are antiqued silver etched.

Victorian Elegance necklace

This necklace was made with cultured coin pearls, round glass pearls, and faceted glass pearls. The accents are the same as the earrings; antiqued silver etched beads. The black beads are glass in various shapes of cube, square, and coin. The diamond shaped pendant is also black glass.

I hope to be putting this items in my shop soon, along with more jewelry sets.


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Great pearl items in you shop!!!

TiLT said...

very cool pearl info & I love your creation!

TiLT said...

...that was supposed to be creationS...don't want you wondering which was liked & which was not :P

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Love the pearls you showed off!

Becky said...

great post, fancy finding a perfect pearl, how cool!
Love the new jewelry! ♥

KnockKnocking said...

beautiful pearls, well made jewels! Thanks for the post!

Kalla said...

Wow.. what an incredible find on that pearl!

I always thought cultured pearls involved adding the irratant to an oyster to get them to form a natural pearl. This was very educational!

Carolyn, A Jersey Girl said...

DH gave me a strand of perfectly matched Mikimoto pearls years ago. Your pieces would look great with them!!

Mikiep said...

YAY my birth stone is Pearl :)
Thank you I never new the difference between the two :)

First Light Glass said...

I never knew the difference - the picture really helped explain it. Beautiful work!

Michaela and Susie said...

wow cool!

Pretty Paper Passions said...

Very beautiful pieces!!

JewelryWorksbyKim said...

I am so glad to hear that my post was helpful and informative!