Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Travelers from Afar

I have some exciting family news to talk about! We are getting ready for relatives from India to arrive. My husband's cousin and aunt will be arriving in the United States (in Florida)on May 13th. This will be their first trip ever to the United States!

A little back history: My husband has not been to India since he was 8 years old. While he was there he was even able to go to an Indian school. He became very close to his cousin, so he is very excited to see him again after all these years. The aunt that also will be coming on the trip is my husband's mom's sister. I feel the need to specify the relations because per Indian culture; all relatives that are older than you are referred to as "Aunt" and "Uncle". My point being my husband's cousin and her husband ; although they are only 3 years younger than us, call us Aunt and Uncle. It took me a little getting used to because I am an only child and no one else calls me "Aunt". I on the other hand have never been to India; nor my daughter.

Bangalore, India Botanical Gardens

They live in Bangalore, India which is in southern India.

Now when they arrive in Florida, they will be greeted by my in-laws who plan to spend the first week of their visit at Disney World and all of the various parks there. Their second week they will be driving up to New York state to see some of NYC and Niagara Falls. My sister-in-law will be the tour guide for that portion. She lives only a few hours from Niagara Falls. Then finally around June 1st they will be coming to CT. My husband and I are trying to think of some great places to go around here; we'll see what we come up with.

This post was not supposed to be a promotional one, (for Etsy) but earlier in the week I made my first treasury and I was looking for new ideas. So I did a basic search for "India". I came across some great bindi shops! I never even thought to look for handmade bindis at Etsy. This kind of information is great for me for two reasons; I am a belly dancer and I am always looking for new ways to adorn myself and for the more obvious one; my husband is Indian and I do enjoy wearing saris (with a bindi) for family functions.

Take a look at some great bindi artists:

photo courtesy of Miischelle

BigAss Bindis

photo courtesy of BigAss Bindis

photo courtesy of Dhuni

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LillyShayStyle said...

You're so lucky to be the first to introduce your family to the U.S, very exciting!
These are wonderful shops :)