Monday, March 23, 2009

Beading and Belly Dancing

I wasn't sure how much about myself I was going to include in my blog; but this is sort of jewelry related and a chance to learn something else about me.

So I started taking belly dancing classes in November. The teacher, who is Lebanese (born and raised); has been taught belly dancing since she could walk. From what she tells us, it is a very common practice. She is great! She is very patient and very informative about all the dance movements. I am really enjoying the class!

A little background about me. I have been dancing since I was 3. I took the basic preschool stuff. A combination of tap/ballet/jazz. I stopped when I was 5 because of a broken toe. I didn't pick up dance again until I was a freshman in high school when I joined a jazz dance group. I continued through high school and college, however knowing that I could never go professional. I have curvature in my spine that prevents some balletic movements. (I wore a back brace in high school that corrected most of it.) Anyway, in college , on my own I started choreographing dance pieces for myself and eventually other students that were interested. After I transfered to another college, I really revved things up . I took modern(lyrical), jazz and choreographing. I continued dancing even after I left college doing some coffee house performances. Unfortunately I had a high risk pregnancy with my daughter and was not allowed to dance.
After getting used to being a mom and wife I did work on new dances but sadly I have not performed for a long time. I did skip one part. The one between college and starting a family. I also taught ballroom dancing for about 4 months.

So here we are present day. I would like to think I have tried all the types of dance there are. Well, my husband(his is Indian, yes; from India)(I am not Indian); still would like me to learn some Indian dances. Hopefully some day I will! But for now I am belly dancing and he could not be happier.

My 'jewelry' point I was making was during last week's dance class. The teacher asked about what to do about the acrylic beads that chip that are on a student's hip scarf. I told her I would look in some options. Maybe I could get some beading work out of this! How cool. I never worked on a hip scarf before. I will keep you posted.


kim* said...

i wish i could have continued with dance cause i cant dance for anything. i did tap and ballet when i was 6. im now 27.

Mich said...

Belly dancing sounds like so much fun! Great when you can do something just for fun! Good luck, and I hope you get some work from this!