Friday, February 27, 2009

Spring 2009 Jewelry/Fashion Forecast

Here is it the end of February and spring is approaching fast. The gray days of winter are fading and the warm breezy days of spring are just around the corner. What a better way to chase away your cabin fever than with the Spring 2009 Jewelry/Fashion forecast!

Bold! Bold! Bold! It the one word to remember this season. Make a statement with your jewelry. Wear a bold beaded necklace or bangle that makes people turn heads.

The necklace to the left is a bold example of one of my own necklaces for sale at my

The color palette for this season is black and white, usually in bold floral patterns and simple
black and white bead necklaces.

Translucent and opaques hues of blue and green are new and refreshing.

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Touches of yellow and coral in fabrics and beads are nicely complimented by textured metals of the upcoming global/tribal trend.

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Other trends you will see this season are Indian style clothing, African inspired jewelry, and Romantic and feminine touches in pretty pearls and antique style earrings .

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